Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oldies Need Love Too

Another great show! Not much to report, except that Julie Andrews was in the audience and I DIDN'T SEE HER! I don't know how that happened, cause I am usually really good at celebrity spotting. I am bummed, but honestly, I probably would have started crying or something if I tried to talk to her. A lot. It would have been ugly tears! Probably for the best I didn't hear she was there until the show was over. 

I will say, the Oldsies (as they call themselves) are some really awesome guys. Really nice, and really appreciative of my dedication to the show. I have to thank them, cause they have made me feel especially welcome at the stage door and around the theater. The extent of which I am not sure I should really mention online, but I'll just say they have been inviting and outstanding. :) Being a super fan has it "perks" in a way. 

For example, a local NPR affiliate wants to interview me about being a "Broadway Groupie," which is... interesting. I was already interviewed for a national publication not too long ago, which went alright, so I guess I am ok with doing another one for what I assume is just a local radio news story. I'm meeting a gal tomorrow before the evening show to chat. Should be fun. I shall try my best to sound intelligent. As as side note, I saw Peter and the Starcatcher last night when Newsies was dark, and it is wonderful. Really, really fun and imaginative. And as the world has already pointed out, Christian Borle is phenomenal. The entire cast is fantastic. So if you're not going to Newsies (why are you reading this?) go see Peter and the Starcatcher!