Me and my 13 Newsies: The Musical
ticket stubs from the NJ run of the show.
So, you think you're the "king" of Newsies fans? You know every word to every song, every dance step, all the charming one-liners and mistakes from the film? You're just as obsessed as I am despite the fact that you are a grown-ass adult? Great! Let's not argue over whose 8x10 glossy of Christian Bale (circa 1990s BOP Magazine) is more,  well... glossy. Let's rejoice in the wonder and magic that is Newsies the movie, and now Newsies: The Musical on Broadway! 

Greetings gentle readers, I’m Saint Tamoo (@Saint_Tamoo). I have absolutely no authority what so ever to comment or critique theatre, but I DO overuse ellipses and parentheticals, sometimes end my sentences with prepositions, and want to tell you all about my experiences with this fine film's migration from the big screen to the stage.

I want you to have a wonderful time at Newsies: The Musical on Broadway (and subsequently when it tours or pops up on your local high school’s stage), so I have a few things I’d like to say. Please read it with a smile on your face, because I have a smile on mine, and beware of spoilers. Though I won’t be giving away any major plot points that will utterly destroy your experience, I will be going into detail about my likes/dislikes and experiences with this show as I currently know it. Consider this a primer for the super fan who just can’t stand going into it blind. This is Storytellers… wait, no. This is a glorified fan review. Welcome to it. 

Here is a quick reference to what you'll find in each section of this blog. This is handy if you want to avoid, or specifically seek out spoilers concerning Newsies: The Musical on Broadway. 

Welcome! - My greetings to you, friends. No spoilers, just bad attempts at comedy. 

Twitter Feed - If you look to the right of my site you'll find my Twitter feed. It updates as I update, though I can't guarantee it will always be about Newsies. I'm a nerd, so expect other nerdly things and sometimes bad words. Uh, the gadget for this disappeared some time ago and I can't find a good one to replace it with at the moment. Nor am I smart enough to code one myself. 

Broadway Blog - Recaps from the first week of preview performances as well as all subsequent trips I make to the show; how the show has changed, my thoughts on new songs, and general recap of my experiences, in a wonderful bloggy format for your enjoyment.

Newsies in NJ - Production details and scans of the show as it ran at Paper Mill Playhouse. Orginal cast list, song list and other details you might be interested in knowing. 

NJ Recap - Detailed and generally spoilerific account of opening previews of Newsies: The Musical at The Paper Mill Playhouse in Milburn, NJ. These are my first impressions of the show at the opening preview stage, and how the show and my thoughts about it evolved by the time it closed. 

Fan Day Recap - A semi-coherent recap of the Fan Day event at The Paper Mill Playhouse which brought actors from Newsies the film out of the shadows and back into the spotlight. 

Broadway Primer - Some spoilers, but mostly a "do" and "don't" list based on my personal experiences with the show. 

♥ Jack Kelly ♥ The part where I squeal talk about Jeremy Jordan and how he stole my heart, soul, and disposable income. What to expect from your new Jack Kelly. 

Newsies Media - Links to official and unofficial (but cast created) videos that were created specifically to promote Newsies on the web.