Newsies in NJ

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NEWSIES The Musical 
at Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, NJ
Preview Opening: September 15, 2011
Press Opening: September 25, 2011
Fan Day: October 2, 2011
Cast Q&A: October 8, 2011 (post-matinee)
Closing: October 16, 2011
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Total Performances: 37 (14 matinees, 23 evenings)

Newsies related content from the Paper Mill show program and other mail and handouts. Click the links to view in PDF. 

Some merchandise may still be available from Paper Mill Playhouse; check here. Other products available during the run (that I remember) included: 

  • Show Poster
  • Show Magnet
  • Newsies Logo Sharpie 
  • Newsies Replica Newspaper
  • Canvas over the shoulder bag with logo
  • Newsies at Paper Mill Blue Unisex T-Shirt
  • Newsies logo cotton henley shirts (creme or green)
  • "Seize the Day" Coffee Mug
  • Newsies Caps (multiple colors available; first wave of hats were real tweed with patches attached - these sold out opening preview weekend from what I could tell; second wave of hats were tweed print with embroidered logo)
  • Newsies Logo Patch (also the free gift for fans with special fan day tickets)
  • Nellie Bly History Book
  • Assorted Typewriter Key Jewelry
  • Newsies Movie Soundtrack
  • Newsies Movie Music/Lyric Book
Thanks PMP and Celeste for some of the merch pics of things I didn't buy. If you have any of the items not pictured and want me to post them, let me know. 

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Jack Feldman
Book by Harvey Fierstein
Based on the Disney Film written by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White
Choreography by Christopher Gattelli
Directed by Jeff Calhoun

(In Order of Appearance)

Jack Kelly - Jeremy Jordan

Race - Ryan Breslin
Albert - Garett Hawe
Specs - Ryan Steele
Henry - Kyle Coffman
Elmer - Evan Kasprzak
Sniper - Scott Shedenhelm (played by Alex Wong OBC uncredited)
Buttons - JP Ferreri (played by Jess LeProtto OBC uncredited)
JoJo - Corey Hummerston (played by Thayne Jasperson OBC uncredited)
Tommy Boy - Tommy Bracco (deleted role OBC)
Ike - Brendon Stimson (deleted role OBC)
Mike - Mike Faist (deleted role OBC)
Mush - Max Ehrich (played by Ephraim Sykes OBC)

Katherine Plumber - Kara Lindsay
Darcy - Max Ehrich (played by Thayne Jasperson OBC)
Nuns - Helen Anker, Julie Foldesi, Laurie Veldheer (additional nun played by Capathia Jenkins OBC)
Morris Delancey - Mike Faist
Oscar Delancey - Brendon Stimson
Wiesel - John E. Brady
Les - Vincent Agnello (evenings), RJ Fattori (matinees) (played by Lewis Grosso & Matthew J. Schechter OBC)
Joseph Pulitzer - John Dossett
Bunsen - Nick Sullivan
Seitz - Mark Aldrich
Hannah - Laurie Veldheer
Snyder - Stuart Marland
Medda Larkin - Helen Anker (played by Capathia Jenkins OBC)
Medda's Girls - Julie Foldesi, Laurie Veldheer
Stage Manager - John E. Brady
Mrs. Baum - Julie Foldesi (deleted role PMP & OBC)
Mr. Jacobi - John E. Brady
Scabs - Scott Shendhelm, JP Ferreri, Tommy Bracco (scabs performed by Tommy Bracco, Jess LeProtto and Alex Wong OBC)
Mayor - John E. Brady
Spot Conlon - Tommy Bracco
York - Andrew Keenan-Bolger (deleted role OBC)
Bill - Corey Hummerston (played by Garett Hawe OBC)
Governor Roosevelt - Kevin Carolan
Citizens of New York - Aaron J Albano, Mark Aldrich, Helen Anker, Tommy Bracco, John E. Brady, Ryan Breslin, Kevin Carolan, Kyle Coffman, Max Ehrich, Mike Faist, JP Ferreri, Julie Foldesi, Garett Hawe, Corey Hummerston, Evan Kasprzak, Stuart Marland, Andy Richardson, Scott Shedenhelm, Ryan Steele, Brendon Stimson, Nick Sullivan, Laurie Veldheer

Roosevelt - Mark Aldrich
Mrs. Baum - Helen Anker
Pulitzer - John E. Brady
Davey - Ryan Breslin
Wiesel/Bunsen/Snyder/Jacobi - Kevin Carolan
Jack - Max Ehrich
Medda/Hanna - Julie Foldesi
Crutchie/York - Garett Hawe
Seitz - Evan Kasprzak
Katherine - Laurie Veldheer

Michael McArthur (replaced with Michael Fatica OBC; also Newsie "Knobs" uncredited OBC)
Jack Scott (also Newsie "Barney Peanuts" uncredited OBC)

Ryan Steele

Kyle Coffman

Prologue: A Rooftop, Night
"Santa Fe"
Jack and Crutchie

Scene 1: Newsie Square, Morning
"Carrying the Banner"
Jack, Newsies, Ensemble

Scene 2: Pulitzer's Office
"The News is Getting Better"
Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen, and Hannah

Scene 3: Street and Stage Door, Later that Day

Scene 4: Medda's Theater
"Don't Come a-Knocking"
Medda, Medda's Girls, Jack, and Katherine

Scene 5: Newsie Square, New Morning
"The World Will Know"
Jack, Davey, Les, and the Newsies

Scene 6: Jacobi's Deli and Street
"The World Will Know (Reprise)"
Jack, Davey, Les, and the Newsies

Scene 7: Katherine's Desk, Moments Later
"Watch What Happens"

Scene 8: Newsie Square
"Seize the Day"
Jack, Davey, Les, and the Newsies

"Santa Fe"


Scene 1: Jacobi's Deli, Next Day
"King of New York"
Davey, Les, Katharine, and the Newsies

Scene 2: Medda's Theater
"Watch What Happens (Reprise)"
Jack, Davey, Les, and Katharine

Scene 3: Pulitzer's Office
"The News is Getting Better (Reprise)" 
Pulitzer, Snyder, Seitz, Bunsen, Mayor, and the Delancey Brothers

Scene 4: Brooklyn Bridge, That Night, and Medda's Theater
"Brooklyn's Here"
Spot Conlon, York, and the Newsies

Scene 5: Rooftop, Night
"Then I See You Again"
Katherine and Jack

Scene 6: Pulitzer's Cellar, Late at Night
"Seize the Day (Reprise)"
The Newsies

"Once and For All"
Jack, Davey, Les, Darcey, Bill, and the Newsies

Scene 7: Pulitzer's Office and Newsie Square, Morning
Jack and Company