Saturday, June 9, 2012


Security is always happy to help with a photo. 
I have to admit, I am always incredibly proud of myself when I come to NYC and manage to navigate the subways by myself. So this morning I went out and did some shopping, didn’t get lost, and made it back to my hotel in time to get freshened up for the matinee. It’s Saturday, so of course Twitter is destined to blow up with #SIP tags. Meaning Saturday Intermission Pics – a fun meme for Broadway casts where they tweet pictures of the bizarre things they do backstage during intermission. If you aren't familiar, just type #SIP into the Twitter search bar, and enjoy the wackiness. I am partial to the Newsies posts, of course. 
The show was good, but the fatigue of Tonys week is definitely visible to someone who has seen the show a lot. To everyone else, it was amazing, and that is all that matters. I hope they have some time to nap before the evening performance. 
When the evening performance rolled around, I realized I had decided to treat myself back in March when I originally bought my seat. Second row!  A few things to know about sitting so close to the front of the stage: 
  • These actors (especially Davey – Ben Fankhauser) love to spit when they sing/talk, so be advised front row is the “Splash Zone”
  • You can really absorb a lot of the details you don’t see from farther back, from the set to the costumes – and my personal favorite observation: Ryan Steele and Ryan Breslin play “audience” to Medda’s show, and they wear hilarious fake mustaches during the scene. I think there needs to be a pic of the guys in those get-ups, cause they look hilarious.
  • A downside to sitting so close… it’s hard to see the top of the set, so you spend some time craning your head up to follow the action. Also, it is hard to take in the entire set in one scope, so you might miss some of the impact of the dance numbers, limited to what is happening right in front of you. 
  • On the plus side? You are mere feet away from the prettiest boys on Broadway!
Used to be Garett on this door - now it's Jeremy.
I want to make special mention of swing performer, Jack Scott. He did double duty today, playing two different roles – Henry in the Matinee and Mush in the evening. He did both damn near flawlessly, so here’s a huge pat on the back to Jack! Just like Michael Fatica (the other swing), Jack does have a trading card, but you have to ask him for it because it is not part of the “complete” set.
Jeremy Jordan, as much as I adore him, has been doing this strangely hilarious play for laughs. I don’t know when he started it, but he did it all week. After he and Katherine kiss the first time, he is naturally caught off guard. This moment used to pass with little real reaction other than the standard “oooh” from the audience. Now, he seems to ad-lib this dumbfounded “Whuut?” after the kiss – to which the audience absolutely erupts in laughter.  He wouldn’t keep doing it if he didn’t WANT the laughs, but it just seems like such a weird place to want that reaction. Regardless, I love it because it’s him. It makes me laugh too. I can deal with it, as odd as it seems. Last show tomorrow! What WOULD have been closing had the show not been extended through August, the first time around. Tomorrow is also Tony Night! 
Stage door panoramic. Thanks to security guy, Nelson for taking it for me. I'm over on the left.